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wheel balancing

The wheels of a vehicle are responsible for maintaining proper road contact of a car. However, they will become subject to normal wear and tear. So sooner or later a new set of tyres need fitting.

An important part of the fitting process is the so-called wheel balancing. Unbalanced wheels lead to challenging driving experiences. Also, they can cause uneven wear and damage to tyres and reduce their life. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre have advanced equipment and talented experts that can provide your vehicle with an excellent wheel balancing Batley in the minimum time possible.

What is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel balancing is the process of equalising the weight of combined wheel assembly and tyres in coordination with the other wheels and tyres. Generally, our experts place your car’s wheels on a balancer machine to determine the area with less or more weight by spinning the wheels from the centre. 

Once the defected area is determined, experts add or remove weight to the wheels to ensure a proper balance between the wheels and axle.

Advantages of Wheel Balancing

Better Comfort and Safety

Correctly balanced wheel ensures a smooth driving experience and prevents the loss of control. This helps to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Less Tyre Wear

Unbalanced wheels are a significant reason for the premature wearing of tyres. Wheel balancing Batley ensures an even wearing of tyres that result in longer tyre life and better vehicle control.

Enhanced Fuel-efficiency

Adequately balanced wheels put less stress on the engine that leads it to burn less fuel and enhance the mileage as well.

Risks of Driving on Unbalanced wheels

Loss of Control

Unbalanced wheels can cause vibrations in the steering wheel that may lead you to lose control of the car and be involved in accidents.

Reduced wheel lifespan

Uneven wearing of wheels can cause shorter lifespan and early ageing of the wheels.

Increased expenses

Improperly balanced wheels can spread damage to other components of the vehicle and cause you to spend a considerable amount of money on repairs.

Poor Performance 

Imbalanced wheels cannot maintain proper coordination with the suspension system. This increases your tyre’s braking distance and gripping capabilities as well.

Reasons for Wheel Imbalance 

  • Misalignment of wheels is another reason for wheel imbalance
  • Driving over kerbs or through potholes
  • Height alteration of the vehicle also leads to wheel imbalance

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