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Incorrect alignment of the wheels results in the early wearing of the tyres. That is why it is advised to get the wheels aligned for longer life and better performance of tyres. Further, if the wheels are not aligned properly, the chances of accidents happening on the roads get increased. To ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, wheels should be aligned after every tyre change and also when the vehicle shows the signs of misaligned wheels. If you are facing any issue with the wheels or tyres of your vehicle, Overdrive MOT & Service Centre is the right place to visit.

What is Wheel Alignment?

The process of adjusting the angles at which the wheels are connected to the vehicle as per the manufacturer’s standards is called wheel alignment. The correct wheel alignment is essential to maintain the tyres in good condition. 

There are three angles that need to be corrected during a wheel alignment procedure.

Camber: It is the inward or outward alignment of the tyres when viewed from the front.

Caster: It is the inward (towards the driver) or outward (away from the driver) shift of the tyre from the steering axis when viewed from the side of the vehicle.

Toe: It is the inward or outward alignment of the tyres when viewed from a bird-eye view or top view of the vehicle.

You can visit Overdrive MOT & Service Centre for wheel alignment Batley. Our skilled experts will solve all your vehicle’s problem related to wheel alignment. 

Causes for Wheel Alignment Issues 

Driving through a pothole or hitting a high kerb can impact the wheels badly and result in misalignment. Further, it is very common to have an alignment issue after encountering a small or major accident. Therefore, it is suggested to get your wheels checked with an expert after being involved in any kind of accident. 

Symptoms of Bad Wheel Alignment

  • When the car starts to pull towards one side of the road on its own, it needs to be checked for wheel alignment issues.
  • Loss of control over the steering of the vehicle while driving also indicates to the misalignment of the wheels. 
  • Squealing of the tyres may also point to the incorrect alignment of the wheels.
  • Improper wheel alignment leads to the non-uniform wearing of the tyres. If there is any uneven wearing in the treads, it should be checked at Overdrive MOT & Service Centre immediately.
  • Tyre wobbling may also be considered as the symptom for incorrect alignment of the wheels.

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