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Landsail Tyres is a renowned tyre manufacturer that is known for its innovative and affordable tyres. The tyres from Landsail perform effectively on both wet and dry road surfaces. The brand began its mass production in 2009 and has a production capacity of 9 million tyres (2013). In case you desire to buy some excellent ultra-high performance tyres with qualities like short braking distances, smooth acceleration, stable balance on icy roads, and low-rolling resistance, you can put your trust in Landsail Tyres.

Overdrive MOT & Service Centre stores the best collection of Landsail Tyres Batley that you can buy and get fitted professionally by our experts.

Here are three of the best models of Landsail Tyres

Landsail LS588

An excellent ultra-high performance tyre by Landsail, LS588 is known to reduce your vehicle’s rolling resistance. Therefore, the tyre reduces the stress on the engine and limits the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Also, its noise reduction technology help to reduce external noise transfer and ensure a pleasant driving experience.

  • Computer-aided tread design to maintain balance even at high speeds
  • Lateral groove pattern to grip efficiently on both dry and wet roads
  • Specialised grooves to enhance cornering and control on dry summer roads

Landsail 4Seasons

4Seasons is an excellent all-season tyre that provides your car with a solid structure to drive smoothly on wet, dry, and icy road surfaces. Moreover, its advanced silica compound reduces the rolling resistance that helps you to save some extra on fuel as well.

  • Robust shoulder block to enhance handling on diverse terrains
  • Longitudinal grooves to increase the contact patch and enable short braking distances
  • Micro-siped centre tread to achieve traction on wet and snowy roads

Landsail LS388

A robust passenger car tyre by Landsail, LS388 is built with an advanced silica tread compound to combine both smooth driving and fuel-saving properties. Also, its wider groove pattern evacuates the water stuck in tyres and prevent the effects of hydroplaning.

  • Solid central rib to enhance straight-line stability
  • Heat-resistive shoulder block to maintain balance and prevent premature tread wear
  • Optimised tread pitch to reduce external tyre noises and ensure a pleasant driving experience

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Overdrive MOT & Service Centre stocks and fits top-grade Landsail Tyres Batley. If you are not a Landsail fan, don’t worry we have something for everyone. While you are at our garage, you can choose from a wide range of branded car tyres. Further, you can also get the tyres fitted, aligned and balanced at out garage itself. To know more, give us a call today. 

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