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Continental is a German multinational company that manufactures world-class tyres. It offers quality tyres with unmatched performance in every season. Continental never compromises on quality and hence is one of the top leaders in the tyre manufacturing industry. Continental tyres focus on customer’s safety and driving experience. 

Continental tyres is a huge manufacturer with about 244,582 employees (approx.). It is because of the man force behind the company that has helped it to reach newer heights. The dedication and efficiency of the employees have assisted Continental to come up with numerous highly advanced tyre techs. Also, Continental Tyres use cutting-edge German technologies to manufacture the best quality tyres.

The superb performance provided by Continental Tyres has gained the trust of various vehicle manufacturers across the world. Popular car manufacturers like BMW, Renault, Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford, Porsche, etc. also use Continental Tyres as their original equipment.

Here are some of the bestselling models of Continental Tyres we also sell at Overdrive MOT & Service Centre

Continental Conti Winter Contact 

Conti Winter Contact by Continental Tyres has a dedicated tread that supports you to drive smoothly on icy and slippery roads. The tread of the tyre efficiently disperses the water to avoid skidding. Also, the increased number of sipes offer optimum wet grip over snowy surfaces. 

  • Great traction on snowy or icy roads
  • Less braking distances 
  • Better fuel efficiency

Continental Conti Premium Contact

Conti Premium Contact by Continental Tyres offers efficient grip over dry roads. This tyre also ensures great braking performance. Moreover, the tyre is excellent for imparting superior handling and control while driving.

  • Unmatched wet and dry grip and control
  • Less rolling resistance 
  • Reduction in noise

Continental Conti All-Season Contact

Conti All-Season by Continental Tyres is a tyre that can be used all-year-round. The tread design of this tyre allows you to achieve efficient gripping even at high speeds. Also, the tyre compromises of a mixed rubber compound and high-grade silica to enable short braking distances.

  • Excellent Winter traction because of its unique groove design
  • Advanced tread design to enhance handling
  • Optimum comfort during rides even at high speeds

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At Overdrive MOT & Service Centre, we havean extensive collection of Continental Tyres Batley for you to choose from. We also store tyres from all other major tyre brands so you have plenty of options at the time of purchase. Be it summer tyres, winter tyres, all-terrain tyres, performance tyres, run-flats you name it, and we will provide you with the right tyres. We provide professional tyre fitting, wheel balancing and wheel alignment services as well. We recommend you to avail these services for better comfort and safety on the roads. You can order your tyres over the phone or directly at our workshop.

Furthermore, you can even book your desired tyre through our website by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Enter your tyre’s size or license no in the tyre finder tool
  2. Add your desired tyre to the cart
  3. Enter your personal information like name, contact no, and address
  4. Complete the payment via online payment methods
  5. Choose to get them delivered to your home or book a fitting appointment with us 



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