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Tyres are responsible for a vehicle’s safety and comfort on the road. Further, they also play a key role in deciding the performance and mileage of a vehicle. However, encountering a tyre puncture while driving is very common. It leads a motorist to lose control over the vehicle and result in dangerous situations. Therefore, it becomes important to check the tyres for damages and wearing on a regular basis. Doing this will prevent accidental situations and will help in maintaining a long lifespan for the tyres as well.

Overdrive MOT & Service Centre is committed to providing excellent car puncture repair Batley. We use modern techniques and equipment to identify the damages in the tyre and serve you with the best solutions.

What is a Puncture?

The condition in which a tube of the tyre deflates due to a leak or hole is called a tyre puncture. It could lead to loss of control over the vehicle which may result in major accidents as well. Also, a puncture, if not mended on time, damages the tyre permanently. In case of a tyre puncture, one must slow down and stop the vehicle gradually on the side of the road. If you continue to drive with a punctured tyre, the wheel is bound to face the effects of damaged tyre as well.

Causes of Tyre Puncture

The most common causes of a tyre puncture are sharp objects like a screw, glass or a nail. These objects easily penetrate through the tread and cause a hole in the tube. 

Some other factors that could lead to a tyre puncture are:

  • Broken link between a tyre and rim.
  • Worn out tread could result in a tyre blowout while driving.
  • Tyre's valve stem failure.

When to Get a Tyre Repaired?

If you notice increased deflation rate, ensure to get it checked with us for puncture repairs. You can also perform a visual check to identify any foreign object present on the tread of your tyre. Another sign of a puncture is TMPS light is switched on even if you have got the tyres inflated recently. 

When to get a Tyre Replaced?

Under certain circumstances, it is advisable not to repair the tyre. Instead, it is suggested to get the tyre replaced. These conditions are:

  • The tread depth of the tyre is below 1.6mm
  • The structure of the wheel is badly broken due to an accident and is in a condition where it can’t be repaired
  • The rubber of the tyres is deteriorated and is in irreparable condition
  • One can see exposed cords coming out of the tyre

If you have any doubt regarding the repair of the tyres, make sure to give us a call. You can also visit us to get your car punctures repairs Batley done professionally. Our operational timings are from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturdays. You can also give us a call at 01924453737 to know more about our services.

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