Tyre Fitting

From safety and comfort on the roads to delivering excellent performances, tyres play a huge role in enhancing the overall ride quality of a vehicle. They further assist in absorbing shocks, enhancing traction, maintaining stability, etc. Therefore, you must get a proper tyre fitting done if you do not want to lose such benefits and spend huge sum of money on early tyre replacements. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre is equipped with correct tools to provide your car with a quick and accurate tyre fitting.

What is tyre fitting?

The process of replacing and fitting a new tyre onto your wheel’s rim is known as tyre fitting. Generally, the process involves jacking up the car, so the wheel can easily be removed from the axle. Our tyre fitting Batley experts then use a mounting machine to ensure easy removal of tyre wall from the rim. 

The rim is clamped onto the mounting machine, and balancing weights are removed. Once done, the tyre is rotated to ensure easy removal and a new tyre is fitted as per your choice of brand and performance needs. After a tyres are fitted successfully, we conduct fresh wheel balancing and wheel alignment for better performance.

Benefits of Accurate Tyre Fitting

Increased Safety

Tyres fitted correctly assist the car’s suspension system to maintain proper coordination between the wheels and tyres. This helps you avoid loss of control over the vehicle and hence reduces the chances of being involved in accidents.

Enhanced Comfort

Driving a vehicle with adequately fitted tyres reduces the rolling resistance of a car and even increases the steering response. This helps to improve your overall driving comfort even on the toughest of terrains.

Environment Friendly

Improper tyre fitting can increase the rolling resistance of your vehicle that leads to increased carbon emissions in the atmosphere. This can be prevented by getting an accurate tyre fitting Batley done at our garage. 

Better performance

Further, adequately fitted tyres increase the vehicle’s gripping and cornering abilities on diverse terrains.

Dangers of driving on improperly fitted tyres

Expensive replacement costs

Driving on improperly fitted tyres can lead the tyres to overheat that may cause premature wearing of the tyres. This can result in expensive tyre replacement costs.

Safety Threat

Improper tyre fitting can disturb the coordination between your car’s wheels and tyres. As a consequence, the vehicle becomes prone to accidents on the road. 

Increased fuel consumption

Improperly fitted tyres can increase the rolling resistance of your vehicle that may lead the engine to burn more fuel. This increases your daily fuel expenses.

Poor Performance

Inadequately fitted tyres cannot maintain proper contact with the road and may even fail you while gripping on wet road surfaces.

Main Reasons for Tyre Damage

  • Driving on under and over-inflated tyres
  • Driving at high speeds on uneven terrains
  • Driving with an overloaded vehicle
  • Colliding with a heavy object or kerb
  • Driving over bumpy roads and potholes
  • Driving with imbalanced or misaligned wheels

Signs that you need to fit your car with new tyres

  • Visual identifications of significant cuts and damages that are irreparable
  • Tread depth below the legal limit of 1.6mm
  • Tyres older than 6 years of age

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