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oil change

A car’s engine is responsible for providing the mandatory power to almost all of the components of a vehicle. The engine is a network of complex linkages that rub against each other and cause wearing and tearing issues. To reduce the occurrence of these problems due to friction, the engine is topped-up with lubricating engine oil. Over time, the oil gets corrupted and must be replaced with a new. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre can help you with the efficient oil change Batley for your vehicle.

What is an oil change?

The process of flushing the old engine oil out and replacing it with a new one is known as an oil change. Generally, our experts unscrew your car’s sump plug to remove the old and contaminated engine oil. Once, the engine oil has been drained-out, your car’s oil filter is replaced, so none of the soot particles is left inside the engine.

Finally, your car’s engine oil cap is opened and the engine is topped-up with new oil as recommended by the car’s manufacturer in the handbook.

Benefits of an oil change

Increases car engine life

Lubricating your car’s engine at the correct time helps to prevent any friction between the levers and other moving components of the engine. This helps the engine to function smoothly and even increases its overall life.

Prevents overheating of the engine’s bay

Engine oil maintains the temperature inside the engine’s bay and prevents the engine from breaking down.

Improves engine condition

A timely oil change can prevent the formation of oil sludge and other contaminants that may affect the normal functioning of your car’s engine.

Environment Friendly

An oil change reduces the stress on an engine and hence result in less consumption of fuel. This assists your car’s exhaust system to emit less smoke and carbon into the atmosphere.

Risks of not getting an oil change

Safety Threat

Ignoring an oil change can increase the friction inside the engine that may affect the vehicle’s performance and even cause a major blowout as well.

Expensive Replacement Costs

Driving a car with contaminated engine oil can spread the damage to crankshaft, camshaft, cambelt, and other internal parts of the engine. This may lead you to spend a huge amount of money on getting an engine overhauled or replaced.

Starting Issues

In case you ignore an oil change Batley, the engine may not be able to draw current from the starter motor that powers up the vehicle.

Poor Performance

A car engine with insufficient or contaminated oil cannot supply adequate current to other parts of the vehicle like transmission and suspension system. This may cause an unresponsive steering, brakes, and poor performance as well.

Symptoms of a degrading car engine

  • Unusual noises and strange odour from the engine’s bay
  • Poor car’s performance
  • Increased fuel consumption and black smoke from the tailpipe
  • Illumintion of check engine light on the dashboard
  • Oil sludge and patches near the engine

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