An MOT test is a crucial and legal requirement for vehicles as per the laws laid by the government. The test includes inspection of your car to ensure safety while driving. In case you are found without a valid MOT certificate, the authorities can impose heavy fines on you and can even seize your vehicle. This test must be done annually, once your vehicle becomes more than three years old. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre is authorised by the Driver’s vehicle & Standards Agency to conduct MOT tests and issue valid certificates as well.

What is an MOT Test?

MOT tests were introduced under the Road Traffic Act of the UK. Originally, the tests were introduced to inspect brakes and some minor components of the vehicles older than ten years of age. But, it later was extended to cars older than three years as well. Generally, experts inspect your vehicle’s brakes, clutch, engine, lights, seatbelt, etc. Once, your vehicle passes its MOT Batley, you are issued with a ‘VT20’ or ‘pass’ MOT certificate.

What is the cost of the MOT Test?

The overall cost of an MOT test depends upon your car’s make and model.

  • MOT class 4 vehicles like motor caravans, cars and small vans costs around £29.99 for getting an MOT test.
  • MOT class 7 vehicles like transporters, vans, motor homes, pickups, horseboxes etc. cost around 39.99 pounds for MOT Batley.

List of some of the components checked in an MOT test

  • Indicators
  • Headlight
  • Tyres or Wheels
  • Brake lights
  • Seatbelts
  • Brake and Handbrakes
  • Suspension Check
  • Exhaust
  • Car wipers
  • Horns
  • Engine oil

What to do if my car fails the MOT test?

In case your car fails its MOT test Batley, then a ‘VT30’ or ‘fail’ MOT certificate will be issued to you. It contains all the reasons for the test failure. These cars need to be tested again within ten days of the first test at the same MOT Test Station to avoid any retest fee. You should focus on the reasons for the failure and get all the parts repaired or replaced. After that, an MOT tester will conduct retesting and issue a ‘VT20’ or ‘pass’ MOT certificate if everything is ok.

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