Gearbox Replacement

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The gearbox of your car is a complex network of shafts, seals, bearings, and different types of gears. It alters a vehicle’s torque to the speed and vice versa depending on the need. However, over time, your car’s gearbox may wear out and must be repaired or replaced to provide adequate safety and performance. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre has the best team of experts that can provide your car with an excellent gearbox replacement Batley.

What is a gearbox replacement?

The process of repairing and replacing some essential components inside your car’s gearbox like seal, shims, bearings, and gears is known as gearbox replacement. Generally, our experts conduct a visual inspection of your vehicle’s gearbox to check the overall condition of your gear’s flexibility, backlash, and bearing settings. It is done to ensure that your car does not incur any transmission problems while driving.

After a test drive and the visual inspection is done, your car’s gearbox is dismantled to replace the shafts and bearings that support the gears inside the box. Finally, our experts use advanced tools to replace the various types of gears inside your car’s gearbox. 

Benefits of Gearbox Replacement

Smooth Performance

Experts at Overdrive MOT & Service Centre replace your car’s gear and failing components, so you can easily change the speed and maintain the torque as well.

Precise Gear Shift

Driving a car with proper gear and bearings allow the driving motor to effectively transfer the power to other components of the transmission system, so you can easily change gears even at high speeds.

Enhanced Safety

Replacing your car’s gear shaft and bearing allows the transmission system to maintain proper coordination between the rotatory motor and wheels.

Prevents additional costs

Our experts replace the components inside your car’s gearbox, so the damage does not spread to other parts of the transmission system and cause you additional expenses in the future.

Risks of Driving a Car with a damaged gearbox

Engine Failure

Driving a car with damaged gearbox can prevent you from changing gears at high speeds that can put increased stress on the engine and even cause it to fail.

Poor Performance

A damaged gearbox cannot maintain proper coordination between the motor crankshaft and transmission system. As a result, the vehicle suffers from reduced torque and poor acceleration while driving.

Safety Threat

A damaged shaft and bearing can cause a sudden gear change that may lead you to lose control of the vehicle.

Increased Carbon Emissions

Driving a vehicle with damaged gearbox causes the engine to burn more fuel. It further increases the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Main Reasons for a damaged gearbox

  • Insufficient lubrication
  • Improper servicing and maintenance
  • Driving an overloaded car
  • Inadequate gearbox installation
  • Using worn-out gears

Symptoms of a failing gearbox

  • Unusual sounds and odour from the vehicle
  • Difficulty in shifting gears
  • Delayed acceleration
  • Check engine light turned on
  • Inability to reverse the vehicle

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