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The Clutch assists you in shifting between gears and drive smoothly. However, over time, it may get damaged and must be repaired to avoid losing control over the vehicle and ensuring optimum comfort as well. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre employs a team of talented experts that can provide your vehicle with an excellent clutch repair in the minimum time possible.

What is a clutch repair?

Clutch repair refers to repairing crucial elements of a vehicle’s transmission system like a clutch pedal, flywheel and pressure plate. These components coordinate with the crankshaft to ensure a smooth gear change and enhanced driving comfort. However, if the pedal and flywheel are irreparable, they must be replaced with new ones to avoid significant transmission issues. 

Once, these components have been repaired, our experts top up your car’s hydraulic fluid level. Doing this ensures proper lubrication and prevent any friction between the components of a clutch system. Also, adequate fluid level maintains proper pressure in the clutch pedal and the system. 

Benefits of Clutch Repair

Increased Car Life

Driving a car with a proper clutch system ensures a smooth gearshift and corrosion-free transmission system. This helps to increase your overall car life.

Improved Acceleration

A proper flywheel and pressure plate provides sufficient torque to the wheels, so you achieve improved acceleration and short braking distance.

Smooth Transmission

Experts at Overdrive MOT & Service Centre work to repair your clutch’s flywheel and motors, so the gear stick can maintain optimum coordination with the transmission system.


Getting a clutch repair at an appropriate time prevents the spread of rust and corrosion to other parts of the transmission system, so you do not incur heavy replacement costs.

Dangers of driving a car with a damaged Clutch

Poor Performance

Driving a car with an improper clutch can reduce the torque and cause braking and acceleration issues while driving. It may be case where you are stuck in the traffic due to a failing clutch and face difficulty while shifting gears.

Harms the Environment

An improper clutch and pressure plate can increase the rolling resistance that may lead the engine to burn more fuel and increase the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Expensive Replacements

An improper clutch system can spread the damage to other parts like flywheel, pressure plate and clutch pedal. This may lead you to replace your car’s entire transmission system.

MOT Failure

A vehicle is sure to fail the MOT test for safety reasons if the clutch is not working properly.

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