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A glossy and shiny car exterior help you enhance the overall look of your car. To retain its factory finish, it should be re-painted using sprays. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre utilises top-grade spray paints and employs skilled experts that can spray your vehicle with the colour of your choice in the minimum time possible.

What is car spraying?

Car spraying Batley refers to providing your vehicle with a new and shiny look using aerosol and metallic paints. Generally, our experts carefully spray your car’s door, bumper, and other bodywork with the colour of your choice to impart excellent finish.

Further, experts at Overdrive MOT & Service Centre utilises advanced tools and equipment to ensure smooth paint adhesion and prevent rusting in your vehicle as well.

Benefits of Car Spraying

Enhances overall look

A new coat of spray paint in matte or gloss finish enhances the overall look of the vehicle.

Rust Prevention

A fine coat of primer and spray paint can prevent the chemical reaction of iron and water that causes the rusting of the surface. 

Improves Body Condition

Sanding and re-spraying of the vehicle can fix scratches and marks that may be spoiling its look.


Re-spraying your vehicle is a cheaper option as compared to bodywork or car wrapping. 

Enhanced Re-sale value

A fine coat of metallic paint can increase the resale value of your vehicle because of its enhanced appearance and improved body conditions.

Some standard Car Spray Paints

Lacquer Paint

Lacquer paint can be used to retain the original shine of your vehicle as it provides a hard and durable touch to the car.

Synthetic Enamel Paint

Synthetic enamel paints are oil-based paint that are made with excellent adhesion properties. Also, they do not require the addition of a hardener and can provide a matte and glossy finish to your vehicle.

Acrylic Enamel Paint

Acrylic enamel paint is more resistant to harsh outdoor conditions. It can provide superior finishes, excellent adhesion, and faster drying as compared to other spray paints.

Urethane Paint

Urethane paint is the most common choice as it is available in a variety of colours and mixtures. Also, it can protect your car’s body against UV-rays damage and provides a glossy appearance as well.

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