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A car is equipped with various components that provide exceptional comfort and entertainment during a journey. Some of which include air-conditioner, a stereo system, or LED screens etc. Over time, these components may go through some electrical issues. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre provides top-grade car electrical repair Batley in the minimum time possible.

What is car electrical repair?

Car electrical repair is the process of running an advanced diagnostics on the vehicle’s electrical components to identify any potential or current issues. Generally, our experts run advanced diagnosis using the car’s on-board computer and micro-sensors to identify any power issues, signal problems, short-circuiting, fuse issues, etc. Once such issues are identified, our experts repair them so your driving experience and comfort is maintained at all times.

It is recommended to get your car diagnosed for electrical issues and get them fixed if you experience ignition problems, dim head and tail lights, ineffective air conditioning, and dim cabin lights, etc.

Components included in a car electrical repair

Starter Motor

The starter motor draws power from the battery and supplies adequate current to start the car engine. However, if the motor cannot draw sufficient current, the necessary repairs must be carried out, to avoid any starting problems.

Cabin Lights

The cabin lights of your car are connected to the battery via a complex network of wires and circuits. If this network is compromised, the cabin lights of your vehicle will start to malfunction.

Signal Transmissions

Your car needs electricity to power up some crucial elements like TPMS, oil level indicator, and direction indicator. In case you notice a dim or improper signal on your dashboard, you must get your car checked by an expert.

Electric Control Unit

ECU or your vehicle’s on-board computer coordinates various functions in your car. Therefore, it must be repaired if it incurs any issues like a short circuit or insufficient charge.

AC Fan

The fan of your vehicle’s AC is responsible for circulating the cold air in the passenger cabin. However, it may stop working if it is not supplied with adequate current.


The battery is considered as the powerhouse of your car as it supplies the power to starting motor and some other vital parts like lights, AC blower and headlamps (if the engine is off). Therefore any significant issues with the battery come under car electrical repair Batley and should be fixed immediately.

Fuel pump switch

While the petrol engines need a spark to burn up the fuel in the cylinder, the diesel engines require a solenoid switch to power the fuel pump that, in turn, powers your car’s engine. In case this network of wires is disturbed, it can leave you with a non-functional car that must be repaired.

Some other components included in electrical repairs

  • Headlights and tail lights
  • Stereo, clocks, LED
  • Wipers and power windows

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