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While on-road, motorists face a variety of issues like a drained out battery, engine breakdown, tyre puncture, etc. It can be quite challenging to handle these problems, especially if you are unable to locate an auto-garage nearby. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre provides excellent breakdown recovery, so make sure to give us a call in case of a breakdown. 

What is breakdown recovery?

Breakdown recovery is a form of expert assistance that helps to repair your car if you are stuck on the side of a motorway or at home with a non-functional vehicle. In case your car, unfortunately, breaks down, call our garage, and we will be happy to send our best experts to your location in the minimum time possible. However, if your car cannot be repaired on the spot, our experts will tow it to the garage and carry out the necessary repairs. 

Generally, you need to pay a specific amount for availing breakdown recovery Batley that covers limited call assistance, roadside repairs, and towing costs. However, you can also avail this service and pay all the upfront costs at the time of repair as well.

Services Included in our breakdown cover

Roadside repairs

In case you are stranded with a non-functional car on the road, you can avail our roadside repairs by making a simple call to Overdrive MOT & Service Centre. Moreover, we will tow your car free of cost to our garage for expert repair in case of major damages. 


Our experts will be more than happy to assist you over the phone with all your car-related issues. You can call our experts for necessary assistance at any location in the city.

Recovery at home

If you find that your car is not starting or is facing any significant issues at your home, we will send our breakdown recovery Batley vehicle and a team of talented experts to help carry out the required repairs at your home itself.

Some Exclusions in the Breakdown Recovery Service

Breaking down outside Batley

Our garage provides local breakdown recovery, so we cannot cover for any breakdowns outside Batley.

Road Accidents

We cannot cover for towing your car or providing repairs if your car has been involved in an accident.

Improperly Maintained car

If you have an improper service record, your vehicle is likely to breakdown because of contaminated oil, damaged filters, and other issues. In such a case, we cannot cover for assistance and other repairs.

Risks of Driving a Car without Breakdown Cover

  • Extra repair costs
  • Additional towing and call out charges
  • Further damages to the vehicle
  • Expensive replacement costs

Why Us?

Breakdown recovery at Overdrive MOT & Service Centre comes with excellent expert assistance over the phone. Also, you can purchase a breakdown cover even if you are stuck in the middle of a road with a broken vehicle.

Further, we are known among the customers of Batley for carrying out quick road-side repairs. If not possible, we can arrange to tow down your vehicle to the garage and provide you with transportation to reach at your desired destination as well.

Although we work from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 6 pm, if you desire a breakdown recovery on weekends, feel free to call us at 01924 453737 and enquire about it. Our experts will try their best to assist you.

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