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Brakes are an essential part of a vehicle that helps to slow down your car or completely halt it whenever needed. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain an efficient set of brakes that can offer proper coordination with the suspension system and provide your car with an optimum stopping response. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre employs trained experts that can inspect your car’s brakes and provide an excellent brake repair.

Symptoms of Brake damage or failure

  • The car does not slow down as soon as you apply the brakes
  • You hear any squeaking or grinding noise from the brake pedal
  • Brake warning light on the car's dashboard, indicating a low brake fluid level in your car’s braking system
  • The position of the brake pedal is lower than usual
  • The car vibrates when you apply the brakes
  • The car is pulling towards one side of the road

Reasons for a Brake Failure

  • If your driving involves covering significant miles on rocky and uneven terrains, your braking system may fail before its time.
  • Excessive use of brakes on busy roads can cause overheating of brake pads that may increase your braking distances.
  • Driving through a pothole or kerb can cause your brake discs to be damaged and lead to unresponsive braking as well.
  • Leaking hydraulic fluid is another reason for increased braking distances and a hard brake pedal.
  • Driving through wet or muddy terrains can cause your car’s brake discs to lose friction and cause brake failure.
  • Loss of hydraulic fluid pressure while driving can also result in an unresponsive braking system.
  • Driving an overloaded vehicle can alter the braking abilities of a vehicle and cause damage to brake rotors as well

What happens during a Brake Replacement Batley?

First of all, our team checks if the brakes can be repaired. If possible, they are fixed. If not, they must be replaced. In a brake repair service, we loosen the lug nuts and detach the discs from the callipers. If rotors are worn-out, a new set of rotors are assembled in proportion with callipers. Finally, we test-drive your car to examine the proper functioning of the brakes.

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Overdrive MOT & Service Centre hosts skilled experts that can repair and replace your car’s brake pads, callipers, and rotors to ensure optimum safety and comfort while driving. Also, you can book your brake repair Batley appointment online through our website.

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