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Tyres are an essential part of the vehicle that maintain an optimum road contact for your safety. Also, they enhance the overall driving comfort and safety even on the toughest of terrains. Therefore, it is advisable to buy an appropriate set of tyres that meet the requirements of your car. If you drive in a scorching climate, then you should buy summer tyres for your car. Likewise, if your driving involves uneven road surfaces, or if you are driving a 4x4 vehicle, you must buy 4x4. Overdrive MOT & Service Centre stores the best collection of 4x4 tyres from reputed brands in the industry that you can get fitted professionally from us.

What are 4X4 Tyres?

4x4 tyres offer stable performance, optimum vehicle control and excellent gripping on wet road conditions. Generally, these tyres have rugged tread design along with reinforced sidewall that helps your car to maintain straight-line navigation. 

Further, 4x4 tyres have a higher synthetic rubber ratio and considerable tread depth to impart your vehicle with effective cornering at high speeds. If you drive an SUV, then 4X4 tyres Batley are a must-buy for you. 

Types of 4x4 Tyres

All-terrain Tyres

All-terrain tyres are made for, both, off-road and on-road driving requirements. They adjust according to the road conditions automatically. All-terrain tyres provide excellent handling and comfort along with increased tyre lifespan and performance across different road surfaces.

Mud-terrain Tyres

Mud-terrain Tyres are good for off-road use. The rugged tread design makes it difficult to use them on normal roads. 

Some of the best 4X4 tyre models

Dunlop Grandtrek AT3G

Grandtrek AT3G by Dunlop is an exceptional 4X4 tyres Batley that provides excellent performance in all-terrains. 

  • Robust tectonic construction of the tyres provides high off-road strength
  • Tread pattern clears mud for better traction.
  • High centre tread blocks provide superb performance on wet roads.

Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain Plus

Scorpion All-terrain Plus by Pirelli comes with a new tread pattern which offers high performance and excellent gripping on wet and muddy terrains.

  • Short braking distances and reduced rolling resistance
  • Longitudinal grooves offer expulsion of mud.
  • Unique tread pattern to maintain efficient grip and control
  • Tyre sidewalls provide better safety and performance on uneven terrains.

Overdrive MOT & Service Centre is a one-stop destination where you can buy best quality tyres. While you choose your tyres for your car, make sure to get them fitted and balanced with our experts as well. To know more about our service, feel free to contact us.

Further, you can buy your favourite tyres online on our website by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Enter your tyre’s size or registration number in the tyre finder tool
  2. Add your desired tyre to the cart
  3. Enter your personal information like name, contact number, and address
  4. Complete the payment via online payment methods
  5. Visit our garage to get your tyres fitted by our experts or get them delivered at your home.

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